Private Party Bar Service

Switchback clients may choose from two types of private party bars: Type A and Type B. Both Types require a private room and a Switchback bartender. The bartender fee is $50 per hour. Also, private party liquor may not be consumed outside of this private function space. For example, if the Switchback Patio is the designated function location, party guests may not take their alcoholic beverages into the main dining room or lobby areas. If they are found doing so, Switchback staff will confiscate and dispose of all alcoholic beverages that party guests attempt to remove from the private function location. Draft beer may not be served at a type A Bar per Utah law.

Type A

Type A bars are non-liquor license bars. Therefore, Type A bars require the client to supply all alcoholic beverages for their event. Corkage fees apply to all alcoholic beverages served on the premises. There is a $1,000.00 minimum corking charge for all private events. Per bottle corkage fees will be charged as follows: $40.00 per box for box wines, $30 per bottle for 1500ml bottles, $15 per bottle for bottles less than 1500ml, $3.00 per bottle for beer and $3.00 per mixed drink. When the $250.00 minimum corking charge has been reached, Per bottle corkage fees will be charged per the above schedule. In order to correctly tract usage, we require a Switchback Corkage Worksheet to be completed which requires a client representative to sign in and sign out all client provided alcoholic Beverage bottles.

Bar Setups are available for $3.00 per person for groups over 20. For groups 20 or less there is a $75.00 setup charge. Our bar Setup includes: mixers, juices, ice, plastic cups, citrus, onions, olives, and cocktail napkins. Glassware is available for $1.00 per person.

Any remaining quantities of liquor, beer and wine supplied by the client must be removed from the premises at the end of the event.

Type B

Type B bars require use of our banquet/Catering Liquor License and therefore are governed by state rules and regulations. This type of bar allows clients to choose either a host or cash bar and does not required that they supply their alcoholic beverages. Our Type B bar requires guests to make their selections from our Banquet/Catering Menu. There is a $750.00 minimum sales amount for both host and cash bars and all beverages are billed out at Banquet/Catering Menu prices. In the event consumption at a cash bar is less than the required minimum, the contracting party will be charged the difference. Additionally, Type B bars are permitted to serve draft beer.

Switchback requires strict compliance with all state laws regulating the sale and service of alcoholic beverages. All guests who desire to consume alcoholic beverages must be at least 21 years of age. Identification is required for all patrons under 30 years of age. State law prohibits overconsumption and limits a drink's primary liquor.

The Switchback Grille reserves the right to cease beverage service if in the opinion of Switchback management to do so is in the best interest of the Switchback Grille, its guests or employees.